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Credit Card Debt

One Small Step for You, One Giant Step for Your Money

No matter where you are in your path to fixing or improving your financial situation, there is always more you can do and it doesn’t have to be a lot. The journey to financial stability starts with one small step. And once you’ve made that one small step, then you’re ready to make another.

Debt Relief, How to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys

Recent news that a payment processing company agreed to pay more than $1 million to settle a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint is a reminder to all of us to be careful when considering companies or organizations that say they will help you reduce your debt. There are legitimate organizations that will help you, but it can be difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate service and a scam without gathering some information up front.

You Earn the Points, but Credit Card Companies Score the Most

If you are watching television at all these days, you have probably seen the ads that make credit card points look like a real score. In truth they can be. If you use a credit card correctly you can get some real deals by taking advantage of credit card incentives.

Five Tips For Asking a Creditor for a Break

Sometimes the key to reducing fees and interest on an account is simply asking the creditor. Here are some tips on how to pose that question.

Three Reasons to Close Your Credit Card

Many people ask about closing a credit card. We’ve all heard that it can cause problems with your credit and credit scores. Below are some tips for deciding if the time is right to close your account.

Debt Versus Savings and the Paradox of Choices

As you look at your financial picture it should be exciting to know that if you do one good thing it can make a huge difference in your life. The problem is there a lot of “one good things” you can choose.

The Unusual Way One Woman Lost Her Debt and How You Might, Too

Have you ever considered fasting and how that might relate to your finances? You might know someone who fasts from time to time, going without food. In this case we are not talking about hunger strikes, just going without food for a day or so.

Debt Free Via Debt Consolidation Loan Options

For many people overwhelmed with debt, their repeating thought is, “if I could get a loan to consolidate these bills, it would make the payments manageable and I would be able to get out of debt.” While consolidating debt is an appealing way to bring payments under control and manage debt, there is another way to accomplish the same thing with great results and someone to help you every step of the way.

Debt to Income and Your Home Loan Ability

How much debt is too much debt when buying a home? Find out what your debt to income level is with some simple calculations.

Heartbleed Bug and the Need for Vigilance, Tips for Online Safety

The Heartbleed bug, a virus that made information on so-called “secure” websites insecure, is just the latest piece of news in a longstanding reality that hackers are after your financial data. If there is good news in the revelation of the breach that has been going on for about two years, it’s that what you do to protect yourself from all data theft, works in this case, too.

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