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Investing in Yourself a Money Management Series

American Financial Solutions has created ten powerful personal finance courses that you can take online for free. Investing in Yourself is a series of programs that teach the essentials of smart money management including, debt management, credit card debt management, budgeting and investing.

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  • Setting Your Financial Goals and Creating a Budget 
  • Your Banking Relationship 
  • Understanding Credit & Credit Reports 
  • Debt Repayment Options and Strategies
  • Keys to Borrowing
  • Introduction to Investing
  • Identity Theft & Predatory Lending
  • Children & Money Tips for Parents
  • Your Financial Life - For Young Adults 
  • Roadmap for Students, Paying for College 
  • Roadmap for Students, Loan Repayment 

Most classes take just 30 minutes and can be taken in any order. 

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Private and Community Financial Education Workshops

We offer workshops in Washington State and virtually, across the U.S., to build financial literacy and help people manage finances in a way that supports their goals and values. Our goal is to provide holistic, culturally relevant support to individuals and organizations. 

We  work with your organizations to create and present workshops to meet staff or clients needs.  A variety of programs are available for adults, young adults, parents and teachers.

To learn more, contact our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Becky House at 888-282-5494 ext. 1114 or email