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Investing in Yourself a Money Management Series

FREE Financial Education Classes

American Financial Solutions has created ten powerful personal finance courses that you can take online for free. Investing in Yourself is a series of programs that teach the essentials of smart money management including, debt management, credit card debt management, budgeting and investing.

 Go to AFS Online Classes (free) - These classes are currently under construction. The videos and workbooks (links below) are available for viewing.  

Most classes take just 30 minutes and can be taken in any order. 

FEE Based Financial Education Classes

AFS partners with the American Center for Credit Education to offer you a selection of on line programs on topics of interest which include:

Go to ACCE Online CLASSES (small fee)

  • Purchasing a home - Make Your Move;
  • Managing credit - Credit When Credit is Due;
  • Dealing with debt and money management - Financially Frozen;
  • Rebuilding after Bankruptcy
  • Start Right - Build Your Own Business.

There is a small fee for these courses.  

Private and Community Financial Education Workshops

We offer workshops in Western Washington to build financial literacy and help clients better manage their money. We can work with your organization to create and present workshops to meet your clients’ needs.  A variety of programs are available for adults, young adults, parents and teachers

To learn more contact our Education and Communication Director, Becky House at 888-282-5494 ext. 1114.