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American Financial Solutions Successfully Achieves COA Reaccreditation

American Financial Solutions (AFS) has achieved national re-accreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation (COA). This accreditation was rigorous and involved numerous hours of preparation by members of our staff, executive team, board members, partners, and our clients.

Act By October 31, 2022 to Save Thousands on Student Loan Repayment

If you have student loans, and may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, now is the time to act!

Credit Report Changes on Medical Bills to Benefit Consumers

Big changes are coming to credit reports and how medical will and won't be shown on consumer reports.

8 Things That Won't Affect Your Credit Score

It's true that missing the due date on some of your bills will damage your credit score, but there are some financial transactions that don't have any effect, either good or bad.

Understanding Financial Secrecy and Its Effect on Relationships

Infidelity and deception can take many forms in a relationship, including some that have nothing to do with romance at all. One example is financial infidelity, where deceptions are reported in nearly half of relationships where finances are combined.

Two Quick Tips for Money During Inflation

Paying down debt and saving during inflation can be tricky. Here are some suggestions from American Financial Solutions

AFS Reaccreditation Review is Underway by Council On Accreditation

AFS Reaccreditation Review is Underway by Council On Accreditation |

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Easily

When it comes to paying off a mortgage, there a little things you can do to make a big change in how much you pay.

American Financial Solutions Recognized with Awards of Excellence

On November 18, 2021 AFS received two National Awards of Excellence for their work in helping people improve their financial lives.

How Gen Zers Can Prepare for Homeownership

Homeownership is the American Dream and Gen Zers plan on following that dream sooner rather than later. 52.7% of Gen Zers are viewing homeownership as more of an emotional investment as opposed to a financial asset. 27.2% of Gen Zers cite starting a family as one of their top reasons for seeking homeownership. A lot takes place in a home buying journey, which can make it overwhelming. When trying to figure out where to start, Gen Zers first need to know everything that goes into buying a home. Here are a few things to factor into that decision.

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