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Student Loan Counseling

Student loan repayment counseling

Feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt? The solution is here!

Everyone has dreams they want to achieve. At American Financial Solutions, our job is to help people find solutions to their student loan debts that improve their financial lives. You have more than one option. Get your plan from a certified student loan counselor now!

Whether you are trying to:

  • Get out of your student loan debt faster,
  • Free up money for other life goals such as buying a home or a car,
  • Find an affordable repayment plan,
  • Explore student loan forgiveness or cancellation options, or
  • Discover options to stop wage garnishments or tax offsets.

Our certified student loan counselors will work with you and your loan servicers to ensure the best outcome for your goals.

Call 800-895-4795 to speak to a counselor now. Or click on the green button at the top of the page, to begin the journey now.

Make an informed decision about your student loan debts, today. 

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