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Following is a list of books recommended by American Financial Solutions’ certified credit counselors on retirement. Use the select list below to choose the subject that you are interested in and click the book title to get more information or to purchase from To save money, consider buying a used book instead of new.

Get A Life

Get a Life: You Don't Need a Million to Retire Well
By Ralph E. Warner

Get a Life shares with readers sensible ways to ensure a fulfilling retirement - ways that have little to do with accumulated wealth and everything to do with quality of life. Warner stresses the importance of developing family relationships, maintaining and creating friendships, improving health, keeping active and developing a robust curiosity for the world. Conversations with a variety of active, older individuals also reatured.

Retirement Bible

Retirement Bible
By Lynn O'Shaughnessy
With more than 75 million baby boomers approaching retirement age and the future of Social Security still uncertain, planning for a secure retirement is more important - and confusing - than ever. This comprehensive guide shows people how to take control of their retirement planning, from understanding 401Ks and IRAs to choosing investments, buying the right insurance, finding a financial advisor, establishing trusts, and setting up an estate plan.

How to Retire Happy

How To Retire Happy: Everything You Need to Know about
By Stan Hinden
Provides practical advice and guidance on the 12 most complicated decisions to make before retiring Covers all the bases, from where to live to how to invest, from health insurance to taking money out of IRAs Goes beyond financial planning to offer practical advice on the key emotional and psychological issues surrounding retirement.

Your retired Now

You're Retired Now What?: Money Skills for a Comfortable Retirement
By Ronald M. Yolles, Murray Yolles
Plenty of books tell you how to plan for retirement. This book tells you how to manage it once you are there.

Ultimate Safe Money

The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save and Grow Their Money
By Martin D. Weiss
Aiming at those 50 and over, Weiss offers advice on everything from real estate and insurance to annuities and tax-exempt bonds. What makes The Ultimate Safe Money Guide especially timely (this book was written before the Enron disaster made headlines) is the contempt in which he holds both Wall Street and corporate America.