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Recommended Reading: Personal Finance

Following is a list of books recommended by American Financial Solutions’ certified credit counselors on personal finance. Use the select list below to choose the subject that you are interested in and click the book title to get more information or to purchase from To save money, consider buying a used book instead of new.

Get A Life

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties
By Beth Kobliner
If you're like most people, you want to get your financial life in order but don't know where to begin. Since its first publication in 1996, Get a Financial Life has helped thousands of people get out of debt, start saving, and begin investing. You will also find classic, easy-to-understand advice on money basics everything from 401(k)s to car leases, from credit reports to life insurance, from buying the right mutual funds to buying a home of your own. Whether you earn $20,000 or $200,000, Get a Financial Life will help you navigate the new world of personal finance.

The Truth About Money

The Truth about Money
By Ric Edelman
What is financial planning and why do you need it? How can you get out of debt? What are annuities or index funds? Do you really need all that insurance? How do you choose a financial adviser? Answering all of these questions and more The Truth About Money is back and better than ever.

Complete Financial Guide

Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples: A Lifetime Approach to Spending, Saving and Investing
By Larry Burkett
Larry Burkett's advice cannot be highly stated enough. He explores many topics, such as being able to buy a car or house; as well as is it wrong to borrow large amounts of cash. He also explores credit cards and life insurance, as well as the standards, such as budgets, teaching your children about financial principles, and seeing ahead towards economic trends and dangers.

Divorce and Money

Divorce and Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce
By Violet Woodhouse, M. C. Blakeman, Victoria by F. Collins, Dale Fetherling
Couples going through divorce have to contend with countless financial decisions. Should they sell the house? What happens to retirement benefits? How will they handle their taxes? Who gets the dog? Divorce and Money guides them through this complicated, often sticky process.

Bill Busters

Bill Busters: How to Pay All Your Bills and Still Achieve Your Dreams
By James D. Barretto
In Bill Busters: How to Pay All Your Bills and Still Achieve Your Dreams, you'll learn a proven, easy to use system to get the most out of your current income. By spending just fifteen minutes per week, you will be able to (1) Find the money you need to pay off last month's charge card bill; (2) Sleep easy in the security of knowing that you can pay your bills even the unexpected ones every month; (3) Get out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and somehow falling deeper into debt every month; (4) Finally save (yes save!) some money each and every month no matter what.

Invest In Yourself

Invest in Yourself: Six Secrets to a Rich Life
By Marc Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler, Nancy Castleman
Simplification is one of the major trends in this country. People are looking for ways to successfully balance their personal finances, work, and family life. Invest in Yourself addresses these concerns and provides the perfect mix of down-to-earth philosophy, financial strategies, and money saving tips all designed to lead to a happier and more productive life. While other personal finance books tend to focus on living frugally, this book explains ways to lead a richer life by only spending money on what's important.

Credit After Bankruptcy

Credit After Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Action Plan to Quick and Lasting Recovery after Personal Bankruptcy
By Stephen Snyder
Not only is this book full of invaluable information on how to regain credit after bankruptcy, it discusses in detail how to obtain the "right" kind of credit and pinpoints specific pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. In today's world credit dominates and a good credit rating is essential, it is comforting to find a resource that speaks to the average person. The book is clear and straightforward.

The Family Financial Workbook

The Family Financial Workbook: A Practical Guide to Budgeting
By Larry Burkett
It doesn't matter if you think you make a lot of money or hardly any - a budget is crucial. This book helps you to create and follow your budget.

the Complete Cheapskate

The Complete Cheapskate: How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out and Break free from Money Worries Forever
By Mary Hunt
Mary Hunt's back with more of her warm humor and practical advice about how to save money and still have fun! After racking up more than $100,000 in credit card debt, Mary had to drastically change her spending habits. Using a systematic approach to budgeting, saving, and spending, she turned her financial life around. Now she invites readers to learn from her mistakes. By using Mary's proven tips on saving, cutting costs, avoiding impulse buys, and other techniques, anyone can travel with confidence down the road to financial security.

Budget Yes!

BudgetYes!: 21st Century Solutions for Taking Control of Your Money Now!
By John L. Macko, Jane E. Chidester, Diane C. Auckland, CPA, James A. Brickweg CPAs
The concepts introduced in BudgetYes! can be used by anyone from student to executive to retiree. It shows how you can take control of your money, rather than a budget controlling you.