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College Advice

Following is a list of books recommended by American Financial Solutions’ certified credit counselors on college advice. Use the select list below to choose the subject that you are interested in and click the book title to get more information or to purchase from To save money, consider buying a used book instead of new.

"complete college financing guide" debt management book

Barron's Complete College Financing Guide
By Marguerite J. Dennis
Updated to reflect the most current figures and information, this book gives parents and students the facts they need about financial aid for education. Described here are ways to shop for and get low interest student loans, and how to find scholarship and grant sources including many that aren't widely known.

"the debt-free graduate" debt management book

The Debt-Free Graduate: How to Survive College without Going Broke
By Murray Baker

Almost everyone worries about how they will find the money to pay for school, but these worries can now be reduced with the right advice. The Debt Free Graduate tells users how they can stay out of debt by taking simple and easy measures and still have the times of their lives in college. Written in a straightforward, down-to-earth format, students will learn how to find affordable campus housing, how to thrive on a budget, and how to cut costs on telephone bills, utilities, laundry and much, much more. Filled with money saving, practical tips, this book will help users become more aware of the "little things" they can do to finance their education and cut down on living expenses.

"Fiske guide to college 2005" debt management book

The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2005
By Edward B. Fiske, With Robert Logue
This guide offers excellent overviews of the top 300 colleges in America. You'll find out what each school's strong and weak points are, and get a good picture of campus life. Included are important data such as enrollment numbers, male/female ratios, the percentage of applicants that are accepted, and what percentage of students receive financial aid. There's even a rating of the school's academics, social life, and overall quality of life.

"financing your college degree" debt management book

Financing Your College Degree: A Guide for Adult Students
By David F. Finney
Most adult students return to school for job or career reasons. If you are thinking of going to college to gain new skills or to change or advance your career, this book can help you join the ranks of the fastest-growing segment of the college student population.

student loans - debt management book

The Insider's Guide to the Colleges 2005
By Daily News Yale
The Insider's Guide to the Colleges is the only college reference written and researched by students for students. Our writers have interviewed hundreds of undergrads about academic life, diversity, the dating scene, even the food to uncover what it's really like to work and play at the country's top colleges. Rather than glossy brochure hype, you get the unvarnished truth about campus life told directly by the students who live it. Now in its thirtieth edition, this unbeatable college reference includes: revealing profiles of more than 300 top schools in the U.S. and Canada; completely updated statistics, from average SAT scores to male/female ratios; a "College Finder" that lets students zero in on the right schools for them; unusual "FYI" sections with outrageous advice and insider observations.

"paying for college" debt management book

Paying for College Without Going Broke (Princeton Review Series)
By Kalman A. Chany, Geoff Martz
Insider Strategies for Maximizing Financial Aid and Minimizing College Costs. Plan ahead to improve your chance of receiving financial aid, calculate your aid eligibility before you apply to colleges, Complete financial aid forms (including the FAFSA and the CSS PROFILE), Negotiate with the financial aid office, Learn about educational tax breaks, Handle special circumstances if you're a single parent or an independent student.

"take control of your student loan debt" debt management book

Take Control of Your Student Loan Debt: (3rd Ed)
By Robin Leonard, Deanne Loonin

The book clearly explains: what the repayment options are, how to postpone repayment, how to avoid default, how to handle collection efforts by the government, how to get out of default, when to choose bankruptcy, take Control of Your Student Loan Debt includes sample forms and letters.