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Debt Solutions

Even the most careful consumer can find themselves in financial trouble due to unexpected circumstances.  Even with cash savings to draw on, reserves can be spent quickly on medical expenses, automobile repairs, or even the death of a loved on.  Financial stress takes it toll on everything in you life from work performance to home life and the number one cause of divorce in American is money.  Once started, it is very difficult to get it back under control without some kind of debt solutions as a guide or plan to deal with it. 

The easy access to credit formerly given by banks and financial institutions has exacerbated the financial situation by creating an environment encouraging the spending of money Americans did not have, allowing them to revolve debt between low interest “teaser” accounts and continually re-finance their homes to draw out more and more equity to cover the bills.  Now that the once easy credit has dried up, consumers have found themselves backed into a corner seeking debt solutions including credit counseling and even bankruptcy in some cases.

American Financial Solutions has certified credit counselors available to speak with you about different debt solutions and be your guide in identifying exactly what the problems are including contributing factors, and any of the appropriate debt solutions available to you based on your specific situation.  Every client’s situation is unique and so should the plan used to get them out of debt. 

Your counselor will work one on one with you for as long as it takes to formulate, implement and follow through on your action plan detailing the debt solutions that will work best for you.

You can contact a certified credit counselor for debt solution counseling at American Financial Solutions by visiting the website and starting an online application which will help you do a budget and show you a snapshot based on your current debts how a debt management solutions could help.  Alternatively, you can call a credit counselor about debt solutions directly by calling the number provided between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday PST.

American Financial Solutions provides financial education and credit counseling services to find debt solutions for consumers in need.  As part of their mission to provide financial education, they offer a free online money management course which also provides information about debt solutions, and if completed, a certificate of completion can be printed out and sent to each of the credit bureaus to be placed in your credit record.