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Debt Management Credit Counseling

If you are fearful of answering the phone because it may just be another debt collector, and you also lie awake at night worrying about money, then it is time to seek help from a professional debt management counseling agency, like American Financial Solutions. Millions of Americans have fallen into the debt trap, due to skyrocketing costs of living, and the current recession. The end to the easy access to credit is also a reason people have ended up in financial trouble, some having five cards or more in their possession with rates that are climbing and credit limits dropping.  When you are under extreme financial stress, it affects your family and career. Debt management credit counseling is a good step towards rehabilitation.

If you are in financial trouble, the sooner you seek debt management credit counseling from American Financial Solutions the better. Their professionals are highly trained, accredited by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE).  American Financial Solutions is also a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing, which should assure you that their debt management credit counseling services can be used with complete peace of mind. You can arrange an appointment for an evaluation of your financial situation, done in complete confidence, and then a practical action plan is formulated to help you deal with your debts in the best way possible for your unique situation.  One such option resulting from a debt management credit counseling session is a debt management plan which is a restructuring of the repayment of the debts you owe with your creditors.  Concessions from your creditors from this restructuring can include lower interest rates, reduction or elimination of additional fees, bringing your delinquent accounts back into current status and even minimum payment adjustment.  Your accounts are consolidated into one monthly payment, and this is distributed among your creditors.

Debt management credit counseling can allow you and your family to live again without the stress of being in financial trouble.  American Financial Solutions has designed its website so that you can learn more about the entire process, as well as see what different options are open to you.  Everyone’s financial situation is different and the debt management credit counselors at American Financial Solutions will help you find the best solution or combination of solutions that will allow you to take control of your financial situation.  Schedule an appointment today by calling American Financial Solutions between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST Monday to Friday or get started by filling out an online application at and get an idea how debt management credit counseling can work for you.