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Debt Counseling Services

If your finances are in a mess, and you are constantly worried about picking up the phone for fear it is going to be a debt collector calling, it is time to take advantage of the debt counseling services offered by American Financial Solutions.  Consumers are battling under the strains of the high costs of livings, interest rates, and high gas prices and many are losing their homes and assets because they are unable to meet their financial commitments.  The debt counseling services provided can help you find practical solutions to your unique circumstances.

You will find their website packed with resources to help you budget more effectively, plus some useful calculators to work out what your minimum payments will be, and how long it would take to repay your bills.  American Financial Solutions debt counseling services can be applied for by completing the step-by-step online application form on their website, or call the number provided to speak directly to a professional debt counselor. It is important to be fully aware of what your rights are as a consumer when it comes to financing, and they have some important information that you can read, including that on IRS laws and rebates. American Financial Solutions is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, providing credit and debt counseling services, financial educational tools and classes, local resources and references, and in some states - pre-bankruptcy and foreclosure prevention counseling services. 

Debt counseling services are available to anyone in the 41 states they are licensed in.  The pressures of debt collectors calling and sleepless nights because of money problems can affect your quality of life, your career, and your family. Their professional debt counseling services are handled by highly trained AFCPE certified credit counseling experts who will evaluate your portfolio, and then help you with a practical plan that will address your specific situation.  American Financial Solutions can have you back on track and if you take advantage of a debt management solution, you may even become debt free in three to five years.  New credit card laws going into effect in February require creditors to offer access to EOUST accredited credit counseling agencies of which American Financial Solutions is one. 

In short, American Financial Solutions provides debt counseling services by highly qualified credit and debt counselors who care about your success and will work with you thorough your relationship to provide the encouragement and guidance you need to succeed.  Find out more about the debt counseling services offered by visiting or calling a credit counselor directly at the number provided.