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Non Profit Debt Consolidation

If you are financially stressed and at a point where your expenditures exceed your income, you have begun a slide into serious financial trouble.  Millions of Americans have more than one credit card, a few loans, and a mortgage they are juggling each month, and this has been highlighted on many network news and talk shows. If you are in financial trouble there are options to help you like debt consolidation through non profit credit counseling, which is a debt repayment plan that suits your circumstances. American Financial Solutions is a non profit debt consolidation organization tha is dedicated to educating people in practical ways of managing debt.  American Financial Solutions helps consumers with a variety of workable solutions including credit counseling and financial education to put you back on track. You can learn more about these services by browsing the website.

Many people are unsure what debt consolidation means, some think it is a loan and others a debt repayment plan.  It could be either and the certified credit counselors of American Financial Solutions will assess your financial situation and provide you with a plan to take control of your finances and pay off your debts in a way you can afford.  Using their non profit debt consolidation services will result in advice from a professional credit counselor about debt management, debt consolidation, and other potential solutions to your debt.

A debt consolidation loan is applied for by consumers for the chief purpose of paying back one single financial institution rather than a number of smaller creditors where interest is compounded monthly. Unsecured loans of this nature can come with exorbitant interest rates, so it is best to get financial advice first to make sure this is the way to manage your debt. It is better to consult with a non profit debt consolidation and credit counseling agency, which will help you make a practical peace of mind financial plan that suits your financial circumstances, and income with a goal of becoming debt free.

Our debt management plan is not a settlement or a loan.  Instead, it is a renegotiation of the repayment of the debts owed by the client with the original lenders in order to get concessions the client could not ordinarily get on their own.  Specific concessions vary from lender to lender, but may include payment recalculation, lowering or elimination of fees, interest rate adjustment and re-aging of accounts that have fallen into delinquent status prior to the debt management plan.  American Financial Solutions facilitates the debt management plan by setting up an automatic payment system for the client each month and then distributes the correct funds to each of the client’s creditors.  This allows the creditors to receive the client’s payment on time consistently each month and allows for a roll-over of funds from accounts that become paid off onto the remaining accounts “supercharging” the repayment process.  If followed correctly, a debt management plan will result in the accounts included being paid in full within three to five years or under 60 months.

It is best to contact professional credit counselor at American Financial Solutions to discuss your options, both non profit debt management and debt consolidation.  You can reach a counselor between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. PST Monday to Friday or fill out an online application by clicking on GET STARTED above.

American Financial Solutions is a Non Profit 501(C)3 organization providing financial education and credit counseling services including debt management services, and in some states both pre bankruptcy and foreclosure prevention counseling.