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Credit Counseling

American Financial Solutions is well aware that taking action when confronted by overwhelming financial challenges can be difficult for most people. Getting credit counseling, advice, direction and encouragement from a trusted source can make all the difference. The certified credit counselors of American Financial Solutions offer sound advice and solutions to fit the customer’s need and lifestyle. Customers looking for credit counseling will work with the same credit counselor over time and develop a trusting relationship that has proven to help client’s long term success. Clients are treated with respect and support as they make important financial improvements.

American Financial Solutions is a non-profit financial education and credit counseling agency that assists clients to improve and stabilize their financial lives. Since 1999 American Financial Solutions has provided credit counseling to thousands of clients across the country. As a growing non-profit credit counseling agency, American Financial Solutions offers a broad spectrum of education and counseling resources to help consumers manage debt, credit and personal finance.

The credit counseling offered by American Financial Solutions provides credit counselors certified by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education and who complete additional training and education to maintain their certification each year. American Financial Solutions non-profit status sets it apart from many other credit counseling agencies.  American Financial Solutions is a member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies and the Better Business Bureau.

AFS is committed to empowering people to improve the quality of their lives through financial education and counseling. American Financial Solutions is a division of the North Seattle Community College Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. Many of their services are offered free of charge and in those cases where they do charge a fee; they redirect a portion of the proceeds to a fund that provides student scholarships, faculty grants and other academic programs for the college. The credit counseling of American Financial Solutions helps clients to disentangle themselves from the stress and anxiety of credit, debt and financial worry and puts them firmly in control of their financial success.

For credit counseling clients struggling with the repayment of unsecured debt, American Financial Solutions offers the option of a Debt Management Plan. Charges for Credit Counseling generally only apply if clients elect to enter into a Debt Management plan and these fees are regulated by the state in which clients live and by industry guidelines developed by non-profit credit counseling regulating agencies. American Financial Solutions counselors will explain to clients looking for credit counseling that a Debt Management Plan consolidates all of the client’s unsecured debt payments into one monthly payment which is then sent to each of the program creditors. American Financial Solutions informs that the benefits of a Debt Management Plan are at the discretion of the creditors but may include the stopping of late fees and/or over the limit fees, reducing or eliminating high interest rates and calling a halt to collection calls or court proceedings.