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Consumer Credit Counseling

Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States are struggling to meet their financial commitments, and with the rising cost of living, overstretched budgets are the norm rather than the exception. ‘Borrowing from Peter to pay back Paul’ as the saying goes, or skipping payments because you do not have enough money for your budget, results in creditors harassing you to get their money and you falling deeper and deeper into trouble. Consumer credit counseling from American Financial Solutions is a solution that can give you peace of mind.  This non-profit organization has helped numerous clients get back on their feet when they have thought they were financially at a point of no return.

Most people have the best intentions when it concerns meeting debt repayments, but unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time, and this is where the spiral into financial trouble begins. Dozens of organizations are out there offering consumer credit counseling, but American Financial Solutions is different.  When working with one of American Financial Solutions consumer credit counselors, you have just one counselor you will be working with however long it takes to develop an action plan that is right for you.  Additionally, you will be able to continue to contact that same consumer credit counselor whenever you need additional counseling.  Everyone’s financial profile is unique, and your consumer credit counselor will evaluate yours to tailor make the peace of mind solution to help you find a way out. We urge you to contact an expert consumer credit counselor to begin the process as soon as possible if you are in deep financial trouble or think you may be heading that way.

If you are in financial trouble, the sooner you seek consumer credit counseling from American Financial Solutions the better. Their professionals are highly trained, accredited by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE).  American Financial Solutions is also a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing, which should assure you that their services can be used with complete peace of mind. You can arrange an appointment for an evaluation of your financial situation, done in complete confidence, and then a practical action plan is formulated to help you deal with your debts in the best way possible for your unique situation.  One such option resulting from a consumer credit counseling session is a debt management plan which is a restructuring of the repayment of the debts you owe with your creditors.  Concessions from your creditors from this restructuring can include lower interest rates, reduction or elimination of additional fees, bringing your delinquent accounts back into current status and even minimum payment adjustment.  Your accounts are consolidated into one monthly payment, and this is distributed among your creditors.

Consumer credit counseling can allow you and your family to live again without the stress of being in financial trouble.  American Financial Solutions has designed its website so that you can learn more about the entire process, as well as see what different options are open to you.  Everyone’s financial situation is different and the consumer credit counselors at American Financial Solutions will help you find the best solution to take control of your financial situation and become debt free.  Schedule an appointment today by calling American Financial Solutions or get started by filling out an online application on our website.