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Work-Life Balance

In addition to taking care of our clients we are committed to taking care of ourselves, our community and our environment.

At American Financial Solutions we engage in maintaining a good balance of work/life initiatives. Our employee activities include health and wellness, company and community events and sustainability efforts for our environment.

Wellness Program


We take care of ourselves. At American Financial Solutions we recognize that our employees spend more time at work than anywhere else and we want to provide them with healthy choices to reduce their risk of preventable illnesses caused by inactivity, stress, overeating or smoking. Our Wellness program includes fun activities and competitions such as the Biggest Loser, the Body for Life Challenge and the Big Climb fundraiser. Our on-site gym and workout room provides free and easy access to get in those aerobic/cardio workouts along with weight strength training.

Company and Community

Home Framing

We take care of our community. Our employees enjoy spending time together at company events as well as partnering up to help out others in our community. Throughout the year, employees roll up their sleeves and volunteer for good causes such as Habitat for Humanity, sponsoring food and warm clothing drives, raising funds for the Humane Society, sponsoring and marching in the Armed Forces Parade.

Green Team

Green Team

We take care of our environment. Our employees are excited to work here and view themselves as change agents who are improving the environment and reducing energy consumption. The 3 “R”s – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce – have become the Green Team mantra.

Our top green practices include:

  • Office recycling program – including plastic, glass, cans, Styrofoam and batteries
  • Using energy-efficient lighting systems and equipment such as double-sided printers
  • Promoting walking, biking and public transit
  • Partnering in or sponsoring projects and events in the community such as a clear-a-trail day and fundraisers for nature preserves