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Meet Our Employees

Here is what our employees say about working at American Financial Solutions:

“In the (over) 13 years I have been with AFS, we have experienced industry and economic challenges. Our commitment to our clients is what has kept us motivated and working together as a team. We have never lost sight of our ultimate goal - to help people improve their financial lives. The relief and happiness you hear in people's voices and see on their faces is incredibly rewarding.” – Becky

"I can go to bed at night knowing that I have done my part in helping Americans lead better lives." - Donna

"I LOVE this job! It makes my heart feel good knowing that I have changed someone's life." - Christine

"The company's culture allows me to exercise my abilities as far as possible, which gives me a sense of pride and ownership." -Bob H.

"This is a learning organization. Since coming to AFS, I have had many opportunities for improving my knowledge and skills for my personal career development!"  - Shelli