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AFS New Employees The Fantastic Five

Left to Right: Front - Daniel and Terry. Back - Brittany, Kevin and Morgan

AFS is excited to announce that we have hired five new counselors. They come from a wide range of backgrounds with an amazing set of skills perfect for helping people be successful in their financial lives.

Daniel came to AFS because he likes talking to new people. He has a background in fraud protection and is the person who would call us when there was suspicious activity on our debit or credit card. Sadly, Daniel said people often think the fraud notification calls are fake.

His one piece of advice: Diversify – use more than one debit card.

Terry came to AFS so he could spend some time indoors. He served in the U.S. Army for 5 ½ years and fought fires with the Bureau of Land Management. Terry is pursuing a degree in graphic information technology. He is the youngest of five children, the rest of whom were girls!

His one piece of advice: Make sure the fire is out! Smokey Bear is watching.

Brittany is a student finishing her master’s degree in organizational leadership. Her completion date is August of 2019. She came to AFS to gain experience working in a non-profit organization. Brittany has a love of cars and already has her dream BMW picked out!

Her one piece of advice: Credit unions are a great place to manage your money.

Kevin came to AFS after 24 years in banking. He loves helping people and hopes to be able to use his knowledge to assist people in successfully navigating their finances. He is a fan of walks on the beach, which is important since he hails from an island – Whidbey Island, in Washington State.

His one piece of advice: Consider a checkless checking account. With a checkless account, you can send payments to creditors using online bill pay, automatic debit, or debit card. It helps reduce the risk of overdrafts.

Morgan came to AFS after working for an auto dealership. The oldest of seven children, she is well versed in guiding people through life decisions. Morgan is attending college with an eye toward business and marketing.

Her one piece of advice: Bring your own financing to buy a car. If the dealer can beat the offer – great.

Published Jun 14, 2019.