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Treat Her to an Inexpensive, yet Memorable Mother’s Day

Here are some ways to honor and show the mom, grandmother, aunt or other woman in your life, you care - without breaking the bank.

  1. Handwritten Letter - Showing your appreciation for mom with a handwritten note takes time and thought, and she’ll recognize this. Remember all of the moments that mean the most to you and express your gratitude in a way that is unique to the bond you share. It will be a letter she’ll cherish.

  2. Cleaning or Organizing the Home - Give the mom in your life the gift of free time. Ask if there is some area of the house they would like help organizing or cleaning. Maybe she would like help cleaning up in general. Either way, she is bound to appreciate the offer and the help.

  3. A Spa Basket - Less expensive than a trip to the spa, but still just as wonderful is a basket full of ways for mom to pamper herself. Show her you thnk about her by finding out her favorite scents and filling the basket with sensory delights!

  4. Yard Care - Yard work is another, inexpensive, way to help mom. Whether you are working on it side-by-side or doing it for her so she has free time, nothing says I love you more than getting dirty in the yard.

  5. Have a Picnic - Maybe it’s a picnic in the freshly trimmed yard or maybe you trek to a local park. Either way, pack some of mom’s favorite snacks and enjoy an afternoon together making memories.

  6. Frame Some Art - A handcrafted picture can make a wonderful gift. Simply add a child’s art to a frame to create a piece of art mom or grandma will treasure for a lifetime.

  7. Wash the Car - Whether you wash the car, vacuum out the inside, or simply fill up her tank, Mom will appreciate the attention to her car. Car maintenance often falls to the bottom of our list when we are busy.

  8. Call - Speaking of busy lives, sometimes the best gift is time. Take the time to call your mom or your grandma. Say hello and let her know, she is important.

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Published May 2, 2019.