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Too Much Debt, What to do When You Are Juggling Bills

At American Financial Solutions, we sometimes see people fall behind on home or utility payments in an effort to keep up on those credit card bills and stop creditor phone calls. Now, as we see the amount of credit card debt per household inching up (currently an average of $16,000) across the nation, we know more people are going to face difficult choices when juggling the payments on their bills. Of course, the risk and damage to a person or families overall wellbeing may be placed in jeopardy by making decisions out of stress and fear, rather than needs.

Below, is an excerpt from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s workbook, Behind on bills? Start with one step. We hope this tool helps people evaluate which bills and expenses are most essential to their financial health. We know that making a decision to pay some expenses over others is stressful – managing our finances always has the potential to cause anxiety. Remember you have an ally in understanding your debt repayment options. If you need one-on-one assistance, contact our certified credit counselors at 888-282-5811 today!

Published Apr 19, 2017.