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Thank you

Thank you


I just wanted to take the time and thank you for your time today. I know I can pay off all of my stuff, I just needed to hear it from an outsider. I need to stop getting things just because I "want" them and start buying only the things that I absolutely need. I have just shredded all of my credit cards. I know that does not meant that I can't use them, because any place can look them up, but this will make it a lot harder and a lot less tempting to just buy something because I have 4 cards to pick from.

I think I am going to see if I can kind of get back on track by myself, just because I feel that the extra $50 could go towards a bill. I have setup automatic recurring payments through each individual bank so that I will no longer get hit with late fees and penalties. I plan to have these all paid off ASAP. With that being said, I might be super broke for a while. LOL :) I hope you have an awesome day and I might email you just to hear a "you can do it". I feel like you are great at what you do and give great tips!!

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Published May 28, 2015.