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Seven Inexpensive and Special Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Seven Inexpensive and Special Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

This year, the day to celebrate all mothers is May 9th. How can we show the women in our lives how much we care and appreciate them? Below is list of seven ideas that will not break the bank.

  • Bring on the cheese. If the woman in your life enjoys cheese, pick up a wedge of a nice cheese and some special crackers. And if the budget allows, add on an inexpensive bottle of wine.

  • The homemade heart-melter. In my experience, as a mother of five, nothing beats a homemade card or drawing. Put it in an inexpensive picture frame for extra mom points. Knowing that my little darlings thought about what words to use or what pictures to draw, fills me with warm fuzzies every time I see those gifts in my memory box.

  • Did someone say dinner? A dinner that mom doesn’t have to make (along with the clean up afterwards), is a great way to say I love you and appreciate you. Add watching a movie at home to the dinner for some more quality time together.

  • Special projects. Does your mom have something she wants to accomplish around the house or outside? Make a day of helping her with yard work, organizing a room, putting together some furniture or another project that may need completed.

  • Something from the store. Does Mom like coffee, tea, water? Whatever she likes to drink, a special mug or cup filled with some goodies (her favorite candy?) makes a great, inexpensive gift.

  • Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Bake her a dozen cookies, a pie or a cake. She’ll appreciate the effort and love the treat.

  • Handpicked flowers. If you live in an area where wild flowers grow, consider creating a bouquet out of those beauties and some tree foliage. It’s amazing what you can find while out on a walk. Just be sure you know what poison ivy, poison oak and stinging nettles look like.

The goal is to try and keep the day about the person and not the things. We hope these ideas help you celebrate the mother in your life, while keeping your budget under control. 

Published May 3, 2017.