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Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving because it is a day to be grateful for what we already have.

In my home we keep our gathering very casual. We are all about comfort, being together and of course, sharing a love for football.

Family members bring side dishes and beverages to ease the cost of our feast. Dinner time is always at halftime. One thing I am very grateful for is that the children do the dishes.

After the day is over and the family is gone, I shop online for Black Friday deals! In recent times, the day after Thanksgiving Shopping has been referred to as Black Friday because it is the first period in the year that retailers begin operating in the “black”. Black of course is the color used in accounting to show positive accounting amounts. is a great place to find all those Day-After-Thanksgiving Sales, and there will be many this year. also offers some great deals but the real beauty is that you earn a percentage of your total purchase by ordering online.

Published Nov 26, 2008.