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Get Organized

Where are your bills and receipts? If you had to sit down right now and organize your receipts or pay your bills, could you?

It can be a real pain to have to find all of your bills and receipts and organize them in a manner that makes it easy to pay your bills on time and be able to find a receipt if you need it. However, this is just as important as developing a budget or setting your financial goals. If you don’t have your finances organized, you might pay a bill late or pay one twice because you couldn’t find the receipt.

The exercise for today: Get Organized!

  1. Get file folders, file box, a calendar and any other items to help you get organized.
    an area in your home where you have some space to sort through your papers, bills, and records.
  2. Make a pile for recycling junk mail.
  3. As you sort through expense items, make notes on your calendar of the due date and the amount.
  4. Keep income items together such as pay stubs or other records of income.
  5. For your expense items (electric bill, rent or mortgage, garbage, phone, etc) make a separate folder for each item.
  6. Also make folders for records such as taxes, medical items, etc.
  7. Designate space in a filing drawer. You can also pick up a plastic filing box or expandable filing folder.
  8. Be sure to keep your calendar and calculator with or near all your files!

Published Apr 2, 2009.