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America Saves Week Begins Monday

American Financial Solutions is taking part in America Saves Week. America Saves Week begins on February 25th, and will continue until March 2nd. This is a week dedicated to saving. Americans are encouraged to save as much as they can and put an emphasis on financial responsibility.

This is a great opportunity to save and increase not only your personal wealth, but the personal wealth of friends and family. Why stop the saving with you? Here are some ways to help yourself and others save during America Saves Week:

  • Set a goal for yourself and try to save a certain amount by the end of the week
  • Be vocal; don’t just keep this to yourself. Spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers
  • Challenge others to set their own goals regarding what they want to save
  • Create a competitive, fun atmosphere within your group, by seeing who is able to save the most
  • Don’t limit the saving to just one week; continue the thrifty attitude after the week ends! Continue to set goals and see who can save the most money after an entire year

Stay tuned on Monday for the first installment of America Saves Week!

Published Feb 22, 2013.