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AFS Offers An EXCITING New Service!

American Financial Solutions is proud to announce that we are offering the most current and comprehensive program for learning to manage a checking account. CheckWise is an educational course for individuals who have never had an account, those who would like to know how to better handle their checking account and consumers who would like to re-establish a relationship with a financial institution. The course is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The course covers the benefits of working with a mainstream financial institution in order to meet your financial service needs and avoid losing money by using check cashing or payday lending services. In addition, participants will learn how to:

  • Find out what information is being stored about you in ChexSystems;
  • What to do about negative information in ChexSystems or other bounced check registries;
  • How to keep your account balanced and;
  • How to keep your account safe.

The CheckWise web based education and tracking system has many advantages for the student. You will enjoy the easy to navigate format and upon completion of CheckWise, you may print a certificate of achievement. Completing this program and any other requirements of a financial institution may help you to open a checking account at participating financial institutions.  You may present the certificate to a bank or credit union in your area or provide the bank or credit union a telephone number which they can call to verify that you completed the course.

Take the next step and learn about the benefits of being a member of a bank or credit union. Visit us online at to learn how to register and pay for this new service.

Published Jun 28, 2010.