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One Move to Put You in Control of Your Credit Report

One Move to Put You in Control of Your Credit Report

Have you checked your credit report lately? We know that reading a credit report can be a confusing process. Uncertainty over debts, how to handle errors and how to read the notations can be overwhelming.  Yet, not reviewing your report can be dangerous to your financial health.

Maybe a low credit score is affecting your ability to obtain credit or low interest rates?  Do you have old debt that may be keeping your score low?  Are you worried about identity theft? Do you want to get out of debt?

A credit counselor can pull and review your Experian credit report with you and help you establish a plan for managing your credit and debts.  There is absolutely no charge for this credit review service.

The AFS credit report review includes:

  • Full financial assessment of your budget, debts and assets
  • Options for debt repayment
  • Understanding your credit score
  • How to correct inaccuracies
  • Steps to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud

The credit review process is easy, confidential and can be done right over the phone. Just call us and counselor will collect some basic information from you and ask you to approve pulling your credit report. They will then pull the report and go over it in detail with you.

Find out where your credit stands today. Call a one of our certified credit counselors and get started on the road to financial wellness! 

Published Jan 20, 2015.