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Money Issues: Everyone Has Them Only a Few Will Get the Help They Need

You went to college or took some form of career coaching, because you knew someone else could teach you things you didn’t know, things that would help improve your career options. Or, maybe you hired a trainer at the gym, because you knew a coach could help you work out in ways you had not considered, ways that would help you improve your physical performance and overall health. You let someone teach you how to work a software program, snowboard or even how to create art.

On some or all those things you admitted you could use the help of someone who is an expert on the subject matter. So why is it so hard to reach out for help when it comes to your finances?

It might be because you keep hoping better financial days are ahead. When a new job with more income arrives you will be able to pay off the debts that are accumulating now. It might also be because you don’t want to know how bad things really are. Or, it might be because you think getting help is an admission that you can’t handle your finances alone. While there are lots of things we’ll gladly pay for help for, asking for help with our finances can strike at our very pride.

The good news is that overcoming that reluctance can be the difference between days of doubt and paranoia about bill collectors contacting you and the peace and freedom that comes from getting our financial affairs in order.

The first step in getting to that calm, good feeling is figuring out what you don’t know. Call the credit counselors at American Financial Solutions and let them guide you back on financial track. There are options available for the most frustrating financial situations. Or, you may be in better financial shape than you imagined. You won’t know, though, until you reach out for help.

Assuming your financial life could use some restructuring, such as a long-term debt-management program, during the process you will learn about money in a way that will leave you better able to balance it once you are debt free. That will give you the means to make better decisions when it comes to spending, creating better possibilities for the long term.  You’ll have the knowledge and skills you need to enter into the next phase of your financial life, whether that means buying a car or a house or saving for emergencies, college or retirement.

So, just as you would be perfectly willing to let someone teach you to play golf or tennis, let an American Financial Solutions counselor show you some of the ways you can pull yourself out of a financial mess if you’re in one, or talk about ideas for how to make your current situation even better. 

Published May 14, 2014.