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Getting Out of Debt Success - John

True Story

This is John. He had $38,327 in debt. He was worried and not sure of the best way to pay the debt off.  He did know that if he didn’t do something, he was on track to repay $175,340 over more than 30 years. 

John researched ways to get out of debt and found  American Financial Solutions (AFS). He learned about a Debt Management Plan (DMP) that would help him repay his creditors in full, with lowered interest rates and one monthly payment.  

He did it! For 49 months, John made his montly payments. The total amount he paid through the DMP was $43,183.19. 

Say that again, $43,183.19 over 49 months and John was done! Way to go John!

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Published May 7, 2019.