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Teach Your Child About Money NOW!

Will they ever learn? Or maybe better to ask, will we ever teach them?

On April 9, 2008, Jump$tart, the National Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, announced that financial literacy among High School Seniors is still on the decline.

In Jump$tart Coalition’s biennial survey given to 6,856 high school 12th graders in 40 states, students correctly answered only 48.3 percent of the questions. This mean score is a decrease from those posted by the senior class of 2006, which correctly answered 52.4 percent of the questions.

“The survey demonstrates that graduating high school seniors continue to struggle with financial literacy basics,” said Lewis Mandell, Ph.D., professor of finance and managerial economics at SUNY Buffalo School of Management. Mandell conducts the surveys for Jump$tart.

Encourage your teen to turn off the TV, video game, or iPod and take the 1st step towards becoming a financially literate adult by taking our online course, Your Financial Life – For Young Adults. There they can learn about the importance of setting financial goals, budgeting, credit, saving and investing, borrowing money, taxes, and much more!

If your children are younger, please take our online class, Children & Money Tips for Parents and Teachers. It is never too early to start planting the financial literacy seed.

For more information about Jump$tart and its biennial survey, go to our website and visit our partner links!

Published Apr 23, 2008.