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Many people tell us they pull their credit report, but are not sure what they should be looking for when they review it. This checklist is designed to help you identify and review the most important areas of your credit report.

  1. Are your name and any other “known as” names correct?
  2. Is your social security number correct (if showing)?
  3. Is your address correct?
  4. Is there anything listed in the public records information? If so, is it correct?
  5. Is there anything listed in the collection agency account information? If so, is it correct?
  6. Are the dates on collection agency accounts correct?
  7. Are any collection agencies on the report older than seven years?
  8. Review each item under the credit account information. Are the accounts showing the correct status (open or closed)?
  9. Are the balances correct on all accounts?
  10. Is the negative information reported on each credit account correct? Look for late payments and missed payments.

Published Aug 5, 2011.