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Confessions of a Credit Counselor: Lea's Story

What brought you to AFS? What brought me to AFS was the great service I had received when I went through credit counseling and the debt man-agement plan in 2007. My husband was de-ployed and I found myself dealing with all of his bills as well as my own. I was extremely over-whelmed. My counselor was caring and listened to what I was dealing with. Because of the help that I received from AFS, my husband and I were able to reach our financial goals of purchasing our first home for our kids. We may never have gotten there without that support.

What has been your best moment at AFS? My best moment is when you know that a client is feeling the weight lifted off of their shoulders to-ward the end of their counseling session. They have been able to voice their frustrations, talk about goals and put a plan in place. It’s a great to know that you had a part in that.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to give people? I would say that my biggest piece of advice is to do your research before entering into any agreement with anyone over the phone. Many times we speak to clients that have either gotten into a plan they are not really sure of, or they have provided information to a company and now are not sure they should have. It’s important to check the validity of a business with the Better Business Bureau, National Foundation for Credit Counseling, or do a simple internet search and see what comes up. It’s hard to know who is trustworthy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Published Apr 3, 2015.