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Best Letter Ever About Debt

Best Letter Ever About Debt

My name is Darlene and I was a very undisciplined spender.  I would buy something with a credit card and tell myself I would pay that off before I would charge anything else.  As you can probably guess, that didn't happen.  I received help from a family member once before who paid off my debts for  me so I could have a clean start.  I was okay for a short time, but never learned a thing.  I got one credit card.  I convinced myself I would build up my credit with that one card by buying things and paying them off before I used it again.  Needless to say, that didn't happen either.  After five more cards, I started to feel that old dreadful trapped feeling I felt before.

I was embarrassed to ever want help again, but I was facing more interest than I could ever repay without years of payments.  Five payments on credit cards plus interest is, by the way, is practically impossible.  On top of that, I was planning on retiring in six years and needed to be out of debt to make it on social security and my retirement from my job. 

That is when I went searching the Internet.  I found several places that offered counseling and some loans.  When I came across American Financial Solutions, I looked into the background of the company, the Better Business Bureau, and past customers that were very happy with how this company helped them.  I like that they go to your creditors for you and negotiate a lower interest rate, and/or, lower payment each month.  You then pay American Financial one monthly payment, which I have taken directly out of checking account. 

I called them and found out from the very beginning, they were there to help and be supportive.  Every person I have ever spoken to at American Financial Solutions has been kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I can't say how much the employees impressed me.  I was feeling embarrassed and they treated me like I was fixable.  And I was.

Because you are paying your debts off, you cannot take out any credit for the period time it takes to be debt free.  Meanwhile, I found out I can live on just what I make, while my debt is being paid down.  I even have some left over each month.  I wish I would have found this help a long time ago. I have paid extra when I have it so I am now just 2 months away from American Financial Solutions making my last payment to my last creditor for me. 

I am grateful to American Financial Solutions for helping me to learn I can be in control of finances.  I will be debt free soon and am not looking back.  I know how good it feels and don't ever want that "out-of-control" feeling again. 

Darlene P.

Published Apr 12, 2016.