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Partnering for Credit Unions

Your Members Come First

It is simply a fact.  Your members are front and center of every decision, product, and service that you offer and in turn, you gain their loyalty.  As a partner, AFS can help you gain even more credibility as a reputable resource for those struggling with financial distress, needing additional help with financial goals, or simply trying to make ends meet.  AFS works closely with many credit unions and we invite you to partner with us to benefit from our services and let us help you meet your mission.  For over 20 years, our highly trained and NFCC certified credit counselors have provided reputable guidance to nearly a half million consumers.

Whether you are working with consumers who are first-time borrowers, addressing setbacks that have resulted into late payments or delinquencies, or they simply do not understand the positive and negative impacts of sound financial choices, AFS can help. Our certified credit counselors are experts in the areas of:

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