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Credit Consolidation Counseling

Getting into financial trouble does not happen overnight, and the same goes for getting out of debt, and often circumstances happen which are the final straw to put you in deep trouble that is way over your head. Millions of Americans are struggling to manage more than one credit card, personal loans and mortgage repayments; with a fine line they are treading to manage all this debt. Some people even rely on moonlighting to pay their debt every month, and if they lose this second income then they will find they are in deep hot water financially. Credit consolidation counseling can educate consumers on how to manage their debt practically, with guidance on becoming debt free in the future. American Financial Solutions is a non profit credit consolidation counseling organization that has already helped thousands of people find relief from their financial stresses.

There is no need to be embarrassed at approaching a credit consolidation counseling service, because you will still be paying off all your debt, with the only difference being you are doing it with a plan for success.  The longer wait to put a plan together, the longer you will flounder or worse fall farther behind and continue to accrue additional fees and interest.  It can be stressful with debt collectors phoning you all hours, and never having enough money to meet all your commitments. If this is you, then you are not alone.  Many people are heavily stressed by the current high costs of living, which make them feel like they are in a corner with no way out. American Financial Solutions has a team of accredited registered credit consolidation counseling professionals that will assess your circumstances, and provide you with solutions to get peace of mind again.

It is important that you understand getting into debt is a process that happens over time, and getting out of it is also a process, so you need to have a plan formulated that suits your situation. Budgeting properly, spending carefully and wisely, and saving money are all issues we are dedicated to educating consumers in. was designed website with links to show you what American Financial Solutions’ credit consolidation counseling is all about, with resources on how you can apply for assistance. Your information and portfolio are handled discreetly and your counseling is completely confidential. 

If you have a few credit cards that you cannot service this is the worst kind of debt because of the high interest rates on the debit balances. Only paying the minimum balance will get you nowhere, and the payment can increase each month until you are in way over your head. Find relief from experts in credit consolidation counseling.  Contact a counselor at American Financial Solutions by calling the number provided from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST or fill out an online application at their website