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Declutter Your Finances This Spring

Declutter Your Finances This Spring

(BPT) - The spring season brings warmer days and a fresh perspective, which is why it's the ideal time to declutter and get organized. This includes taking stock of what we have, clearing out the unnecessary items in our possession and cleansing our spaces. We feel refreshed and empowered after a good sweeping. In addition to the closet overhaul and pantry refresh, there's one major area of our everyday lives we tend to overlook during this time: our finances.

According to Amanda Clayman, financial therapist and Prudential's financial wellness advocate, tidying up our finances is the spring cleaning task that can make us feel more empowered than anything else on our list. Digging into our money is messy and complicated but, just like cleaning our home, it creates a feeling of revitalization and can benefit our mental health in the long run. Beyond this alone, spring cleaning our finances gets our money organized, helps us make better financial choices and improves our financial wellness overall.

Amanda shares the following tips on spring cleaning your finances to start anew this season.

Declutter your inbox: Clutter is clutter, no matter where it lives. Take some time to go through your inbox and unsubscribe from promotional emails that tempt you to spend on things you don't need. Not only will it help you save, but your inbox will stay satisfyingly clean moving forward!

Tidy up your subscriptions: Dive into your bank statements to review recurring subscription charges and reassess which ones you really need. You may be surprised to find subscriptions that you forgot about, which can waste money over time.

Minimize stress with automation: Alleviate some of the constant worry of paying monthly bills by automating payments for rent, credit cards, utilities, or any other recurring charge on your plate. This will also help to avoid late fee charges.

While most of our homes can use a deep clean in the springtime, focusing on doing the same with our finances is vital to improve our overall well-being. Give your financial self a refresh for greater peace of mind throughout the seasons.

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Published Mar 5, 2020.