What Clients Say About Their Experience with American Financial Solutions

 After working with our credit counselors to find a unique debt solution, our clients have had the following to say:

“In less than 20 minutes (my counselor) brought order to what I considered a hopeless financial jumble and to what I saw as an overwhelming debt load…. She gave me a financial path to follow, along with the belief in myself that I can do this and caution about what expenses to stop as soon as possible…. Now I ‘own’ my financial situation and can change it.”
-- Anonymous

"I never would be as far as I am now without the help of AFS. It was a scary step to cut up all of my credit cards, but after two years my credit score has improved to 715 and I am about to close on my first house ($239,000) with excellent financing. Thank you for the confidence and financial freedom."
-- Andrea K.

“Thank you for helping us to be free of phone calls, threatening letters and everything else that comes with being so far in debt. We recommend your services to anyone who wants to become debt free.”
-- Barry & Tanna S.

“The thing I admire most about AFS is when you speak to an advisor you are treated with respect, like someone who got themselves in trouble financially, not like a deadbeat! That has helped me a great deal over the last three years.”
-- Anonymous

"A little over a year ago I called AFS sick to my stomach and shaking because I was so scared and embarrassed... The day I made the call (our counselor) made me feel like a person not a client. His way of putting people at ease is incredible. I cannot thank you all so much for the peace of mind you have given my husband and I... It is now do-able and I am no longer afraid of my phone ringing."
-- Joan

Results will vary. Those who obtain credit counseling and financial education services from American Financial Solutions may not be as successful as those featured here. Your financial situation is unique to you.

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