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If your Client ID number starts with a 10 (8 digits long):

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Client Services: 1 888 282-5494

If your Program ID number starts with a 90 (8 digits long) and you are a Genus or Legacy AFS client:

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Client Services: 1 888 202-3044

If YOU are a former Achieve/Fairstream client:

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Client Services: 1 888 797-2605


You will have recently received a letter from us regarding changing our Client Management System (CMS) on July 7th, 2014.  We have postponed the conversion date and will now be converting to the new CMS in a few weeks.  Details and instructions will be posted here once the new date has been set.

We at American Financial Solutions have been in the business of helping people since 1998 and have used several different series of account numbers to track our more than 200,000 active clients during that time.

You can find your Program or Client ID number at the top right of your client agreement as well as on your monthly payment distribution statement. To mail in your payment, please write your client ID # on your money order and send it to:

American Financial Solutions

2815 2nd Avenue, Suite 280

Seattle, WA 98121